3 Key Advantages of Custom Metal Fabrication

Advantages of Custom Metal Fabrication

Clients have two options when it comes to metal fabrication, the usual “ready off-the-shelf” products, and custom metal fabrications. Many clients are already used to the ready-made products, but more are converting to custom metal fabrication.

Find out the three key advantages of custom metal fabrication that set it apart from normal fabrication.

1. Custom Engineering

Some industries need metal parts that are not readily available in shops, especially big parts like flare stacks or thermal extractors. Other projects might also require specific metal to be used in machine parts. With custom metal fabrication, clients have more control over project specifications.

Custom metal fabricators work on designs and specs set by the clients. This guarantees that clients have products custom-made for them to perfectly match their required specifications.

2. Increased Process Efficiency

Custom metal fabrication uses a variety of specialized tools and techniques, unlike most normal fabrication which uses metal welding alone.

In metal fabrication, tools and techniques applied in the production play a vital role in ensuring the quality of products. Many custom metal fabricators are now utilizing the latest CNC technologies in their production. Different welding processes are also applied, depending on the needs and requirements of a project.

The custom metal fabrication industry is also home to highly skilled and versatile workers who can provide the needs of clients from various industries.

3. High Quality and Cost-Effective Metal Fabrication

Custom metal fabricators, unlike normal fabrication, have the ability to work on a wide variety of metals such as aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel and more. High-quality metals specified for the project are used in production.

Most custom fabricators also have good partnerships with material providers like metal mills. This allows them to get good trade discounts which are reflected in the overall project cost. Experienced custom metal fabricators can also offer alternatives for a project to lower costs without sacrificing quality.

Where to Find a Custom Metal Fabricator

OK Fab and Machining is a custom metal fabrication shop based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We have the latest CNC technology and welding equipment to manufacture parts based on your drawings and specifications. Our experienced design and engineering team and skilled shop staff work together to create high-quality metal products on-time and on-schedule.

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