6 Industries Utilizing Metal Fabrication


Where there is metal there is fabrication. Metal is a raw material used by almost every industry. The metal fabrication industry continues to grow to accommodate the increasing demand for fabricated metal products.

Latest statistics show that the US metal fabrication industry now includes about 51,000 companies, accumulating about $340 billion annual revenue.

Metal fabrication is an extremely versatile service that various industries rely on to keep their operations running. Here are six of the many industries utilizing metal fabrication services.

1. Energy Industry

The petroleum, natural gas, oil, and renewable energy industries rely on metal fabrication for various machinery and components needs. Pipelines, wind turbines, tanks? Metal fabricated.

2. Heavy Equipment Manufacturers

Parts, attachments, machinery and the body of the heavy equipment itself require metal fabrication. Some manufacturers, especially large companies, have their own department of fabrication while others choose to outsource the service.

3. Commercial and Residential Building Construction

Aside from aggregates, the construction industry utilizes metal products the most. Their fabricated metal needs include metal buildings, concrete forms, platforms, beams, frames and more.

4. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

The HVAC industry utilizes metal fabrication for many of their component needs. Duct transitions, fan rings, dampers are just some of HVAC components that require fabrication.

5. Transportation

From 4-wheels to motorcycles or bicycles to large ships and trains, the transportation industry relies on metal fabrication to ensure intricate parts are accurately produced to their application needs. The industry requires precise fabrication for chassis, railways, machine and engine parts, and more.

6. Aviation

Many of the million parts of an aircraft rely on metal fabrication, from bolts or screws to large turbines and gear systems. The aviation industry requires high quality fabricated metal products that can adapt to extreme environmental exposures like heat and constantly fluctuating weather conditions.

These are just six of the many industries we serve here at OK Fab and Machining. Since we are a custom metal fabrication shop, we can work on various projects across different industries. Check out our capabilities to know more or request a quote for your next project.