5 Details You Need for an Accurate Metal Fabrication Quote

Getting an accurate quote is the first step to finding the perfect company for your fabrication needs. This helps ensure a cost-effective and trouble-free production of your component needs. There are common mistakes you should avoid and details you need to ensure an accurate metal fabrication quote. Here are five details you need to specify … more

6 Industries Utilizing Metal Fabrication

Where there is metal there is fabrication. Metal is a raw material used by almost every industry. The metal fabrication industry continues to grow to accommodate the increasing demand for fabricated metal products. Latest statistics show that the US metal fabrication industry now includes about 51,000 companies, accumulating about $340 billion annual revenue. Metal fabrication … more

The Difference Between Metal and Steel

Steel and metal share many properties to the point that many people confuse one over the other. Metals are naturally occurring pure elements while steel is a metal alloy of iron, carbon and other pure elements. All steels are metal, but metals are not steel. While metal is a pure, naturally occurring element, steel is … more

3 Metal Fabrication Trends to Look Out For

The manufacturing market is very competitive, and the metal fabrication industry is no exception. Knowing industry trends and challenges is the key to remaining stable or taking a leap ahead, not only for the fabrication companies but also for the industries utilizing their services. Here are some metal fabrication trends to look out for.

Different Welding Processes: GTAW, GMAW and FCAW

Custom metal fabricators have the ability to produce strong and high-quality metal components needed across different industries through various processes. Welding is one of the primary operations in metal fabrication. It is the process of combining metals together by using heat and pressure. When it comes to metal fabrication, there are different welding processes to … more

How Custom Metal Fabrication Works: The Primary Operations

Metal fabrication is the process of creating metal products or components from raw materials through different operations. Designing, cutting, bending, welding, assembly and finishing are some primary operations that make custom metal fabrication work. Primary Operations in Custom Metal Fabrication Designing Every metal fabrication project starts with a design. In this process, design engineers and … more

Aluminum and Stainless Steel: 7 Key Differences

Aluminum and stainless steel are widely used in metal fabrication across different industries. They may look similar at first but they have a lot of differences. Both metals have qualities that make them ideal for certain applications. Learn about their key differences and find out which metal is best for your project.

The Difference Between Welding and Metal Fabrication

Many people mistakenly refer to welding and metal fabrication as the same process. In actuality, they are completely different from each other. Metal fabrication is the process of creating metal products from beginning to end. The process involves multiple operations and specialty techniques. Welding, on the other hand, is one of the many operations in metal … more

Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Getting a Quote for Metal Fabrication

Getting an accurate quote is important in finding the perfect custom metal fabrication company for your project, whether it’s for a big project or a small done-in-a-day fabrication. When getting a quote, it’s best to keep in mind that prices may vary among providers. You’ll also want to consider these three common mistakes to avoid … more

4 Common Finishing Options for Metal Fabrication Projects

Metal finishing is the process of treating the surface of a metal tool or component to improve its appearance and quality. Once the metal part is cut, bent, welded and formed into the required shape and size, the surface is treated to enhance the property and quality of the metal.