5 Details You Need for an Accurate Metal Fabrication Quote

Getting an accurate quote is the first step to finding the perfect company for your fabrication needs. This helps ensure a cost-effective and trouble-free production of your component needs. There are common mistakes you should avoid and details you need to ensure an accurate metal fabrication quote.

Here are five details you need to specify in your fabrication quote.

1. Accurate Drawings

Your project drawing is one of the most crucial factors in getting an accurate quote.

The dimensions and tolerances indicated in your drawing can affect the overall production and cost of your project. What you should specify in your drawing:

– sizes

– angles

– shapes

– tolerances

Expert advice, it is best to send the final version of a drawing instead of an initial draft. This will prevent too many changes and alterations during the production itself.

If you need assistance with your project drawing, look for a metal fabrication company with custom engineering services. Experienced design engineers help in designing projects from a specified concept or idea.

2. Specific Materials and Finishes

All components are not created equal. Metal parts vary depending on industry needs.

Some components might need a material suitable for a thermal or electric application while other projects might require a more malleable material and specific finishes.

Indicating what raw materials your project requires help ensure parts are made to cater to your industry’s specific demands.

While it’s important to be as specific as possible, you can also ask your fabricators for expert opinions. Some companies offer cost-cutting alternatives without compromising production quality.

It is important to state how and where the end-product will be used. This will give your fabricators an idea of what metal attributes they should consider for the raw materials and finishing.

3. Timelines

Target deadline is also a crucial factor in any production. Your set timeline helps determine how long and how many workforces should be allotted in your project.

Large-scale projects with a short deadline require more workforce to finish on time, resulting in a higher production cost.

4. Budget

Your budget limitations enable your fabrication company to assess your project and offer suggestions on how you can lower costs without neglecting your goals and the quality of the end-product.

5. Contact Information

A successful deal between a client and a fabrication company starts with clear, open communication from both parties. Most quote forms today require your contact information whether it’s email or work phone number.

After receiving a request for quote, most fabrication companies do a follow-up call to confirm details and ask for more specifications. We do this to ensure that you get the most accurate quote possible.


Keep in mind these details for your next metal fabrication needs.

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