Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Getting a Quote for Metal Fabrication

Getting an accurate quote is important in finding the perfect custom metal fabrication company for your project, whether it’s for a big project or a small done-in-a-day fabrication.

When getting a quote, it’s best to keep in mind that prices may vary among providers. You’ll also want to consider these three common mistakes to avoid when getting a quote:

1. Prioritizing price over quality

It’s possible to keep costs low without compromising the quality of the end product. Accidents and mechanical complications can happen due to poor quality metal parts or tools.

Consult with design engineers who can help lower your costs without sacrificing quality. Even a small adjustment in design can affect the final product and cost. When it comes to metal fabrication, additional quality measures make a great difference.

2. Lack of accurate specifications

The accuracy of your fabrication project quote depends on the project specifications or drawings you provide. Go into details with the specifications of your project — size, weight, volume and materials.

Some make it a common practice to send initial drafts or parts of the drawing for a quick estimate. Doing so defeats the purpose of getting an accurate quote.

Inaccurate specifications can cause serious issues throughout the project. Making adjustments in the middle of production leads to higher costs and longer completion times.

3. Not giving enough lead time

The lead time you give your supplier makes a great difference in the entire production. Large-scale projects done in a shorter time are often more expensive. Aside from keeping costs low, enough lead time can also help ensure high precision and quality production.

Planning for product delivery is also important — where are you expecting your metal components and at what time? Most fabrication companies offer delivery after production, but it’s still best to be sure.

By avoiding these mistakes, you’ll get an accurate quote for your metal fabrication project, stay on budget, and ensure high quality production and end products.

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